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Personal Art Consultancy

Let us help you source artwork that’s right for you; reflecting your personality and giving you a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Art is a powerful form of expression, not only for the artists who create it but also for those who own it.

The right original painting, limited edition or sculpture allows us to express our individuality and to represent our interests and emotions, our hopes and our dreams.

As well as personalising the places where we live and work, art also revives any interior and transforms it into a unique, engaging and stimulating environment, immeasurably improving our quality of life.

Home Consultation

A single piece of art can transform a space from neutral to exciting and highly personal, and yet the idea of selecting and buying art often feels intimidating or overwhelming

So why not make an appointment with one of our expert Art Consultants and see what we can offer in the way of help, guidance and inspiration?

We can visit you at home with a selection which you have chosen or we can make some suggestions and choices for you.

Discussing ideas and possibilities with an expert can help to clarify what you’re looking for and lead to some exciting and sometimes unexpected discoveries. We can also offer practical advice on lighting, hanging and caring for your collection.

Services ~
Services ~

Gift Vouchers

Our relationship with art is a deeply personal one, so to give a painting or sculpture to a friend or loved-one as a gift can feel like taking a risk.

There is one collection of artworks however that you can guarantee everyone will love, and that is our beautifully presented gift vouchers.

Our gift vouchers can be used against the purchase of artwork in the gallery for a year, so even the choosiest person has plenty of time to make a decision.

To make your gift more personal, why not come into the gallery with them to share in the fun of their art buying experience?

Wedding Wishes List Service

Everybody wins with our online gift list service, which provides a straightforward way for your friends and family to contribute towards a gift of real emotional and lasting value.

Whatever you might be celebrating – an anniversary, a major birthday, a christening, a wedding, or any other major milestone – one of our Art Consultants will be delighted to make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes.

You can choose one or more pieces of art for your list, or if you would prefer, you can use it to build up an art fund so that you can take your time and choose exactly what you would like after the event.

When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was 90, the Royal Household presented her with an original painting by Sherree Valentine-Daines, surely evidence that the gift of art is a wonderful way to commemorate those big moments!

Services ~
Services ~

Local Home Delivery

Your piece of artwork can be delivered anywhere in the world.

We have a wealth of experience of delivering delicate artwork and only work with delivery companies renowned for their professionalism, care and reliability.

Speak with a member of the team for full details and they will be happy to give you an estimate and timescale for both the UK and international deliveries.