Framing Options

Framing Options

framing options

Frame it Right

The purpose of a frame is to enhance the overall effect of an artwork.

To achieve this a simple approach usually has the best effect. Framing is an art in and of itself. Just as a good frame choice can greatly enhance the appearance of a work, a poor frame choice can drastically diminish a work.

Natural or stained-wood surrounds are classic framing options. Currently the trend is for more adventurous finishes such as patinated aluminium and brass.

Framing Options ~

Artist Recommended

Many artists and publishers have an eye for selecting the right frame, and will usually work together at the proofing stage to select an “Artist Recommended” frame to bring the best out of the artwork.

Artique Galleries usually advises the Artist Recommended frame for just this reason, so that your piece will look its best in whichever setting you choose.