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Julie Ann Scott

About The Artist

Light is the unifying factor in all of Julie Ann’s stunning oil paintings, originating in the sight of the sun breaking through the misty darkness. This first blissful moment of light inspires the artist from both an aesthetic and a spiritual viewpoint. Alongside intensely coloured underwater scenes she creates semi-abstract representations of the landscape in which windswept trees and grasses are battered by the weather into a swirling vortex of light and energy. These pieces are linked by the idea of curves and contours as they appear throughout nature, whether in the graceful shapes of koi swimming in the deep blue, or in arcing harbours and cloud formations wheeling across the luminous sky.
Julie Ann grew up in the UK, but as soon as she could she set off to see the world and spent an eventful and adventurous few years abroad. After working as a catwalk model in Israel, touring as an actress in California, and travelling around much of Eastern Europe she returned to England and settled in the Lake District, where she set up a studio. Since then she has not looked back and her work has been exhibited to great acclaim across the UK.

“Although I love to travel, The Lakes where I now live is a great place for brooding skies, and light can appear and disappear within five minutes. That kind of drama, four seasons in one hour, can’t be found everywhere in England, or indeed the world. Both water and sky are fascinating to me in their containment of light. I always start a painting with the brightest part and work outwards from that place.”


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