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Francisco Bartus

About The Artist

The breathtaking iconic images of Francisco Bartus bring together crowds of brightly coloured figures which, when viewed from a distance, resolve into remarkable three-dimensional representations of famous faces, landmarks, or classic pop art tributes. His innovative use of a range of materials and techniques, and the distinctive application of textural contrast and layering combine with his dynamic palette to create a 3d effect which gives each composition a spectacular impact.

Born in Valencia in 1965, Francisco grew up in a house full of art and music and studied History of Art at University. He went on immediately to pursue a life in art, and his interest in mixed media work combined with his love of abstraction, hyperrealism and most of all pointillism to lead him down a completely original path. He describes the sense of being ‘hypnotised’ by pointillist art, and the way that artists such as Seurat and Signac constructed such beautiful shapes and images by simply painting dots on the canvas.Initially, Francisoco was inspired by the many ways in which nature creates order out of chaos, and in particular the phenomenon of synchronized movement such as when a school of neons swims in flawless formation, or a murmuration of starlings wheels across the sky in an ever changing, but always perfect, pattern.

Over the years this fascination has evolved into artwork that explores the nature of collectivity in a style which is elegant and precise, but also visually stunning. As a result he has established an enviable reputation as a visionary artist and innovator, and his works are now highly sought after in galleries all over Europe as well as in the US.


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